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Accident Domestique


Once upon the time,
in the last few weeks,
there were two Cyborgs living their simple lifes in a showcase,
knowing nothing and nobody outside their world…
Are they happy? 
And why not?
This is an invitation to watch them.
But be warned:
You will realise you are not alone.
There are even more curious and brave ones,
children of our time, which are not hesitating to change everything…

A Tragicomic Homage To An Extincting Humankind

Carla und Anton Bauerfeind Children
DA Phne, Juliette Roussenac Cyborgs 
Klara Rewicki, Viviane Hamm and Valentin Schwerdfeger Moderators

DA Phne Piece, Stage, Direction, Production

Mariane Verbecq
Direction, Production, Choreografy

Arnaud Dubois Music 

Alla Sufyanova Visuals

Joy Luna Schenk Choreografy 

Belendjwa Ekemba Outside Eye

Jakob Arnold and Thomas Stich Accompanying Teachers

Anja Manrau and Team Technique
Premiere: Mai 2022 Duration:  45 Minutes



And when the world is blue
By Nina Maria Zorn 


Imagine killing yourself and being undead. Well, that didn't work out then.
And when an unquenchable thirst, sharpening teeth and the endless boredom of immortality make themselves felt, even the last ones realise that being a vampire is probably not as romantic and desirable as Edward made it out to be.

Act Goa- Luisa Kolewjin, Laura-Louise van Moers, DA Phne
Direction, Stage Costume Nina Maria Zorn

Mask Micha Baum
Premiere 17.10.2020 Duration: 30 Minutes



A Physical-Shadow-Sci-Fi-Theatre-Opera

Two Aliens are visiting the future earth.
The Earthlings whic
h are communicating through their instruments, are shocked. Is there going to be an exchange? Violence? Love?
Inspired by the quote "Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding" of Einstein, DA Production created an Ambient-Theatre-Piece, which kidnappes the spectators to a trippy world. 
Through the components of visual art, live and electronic music, drama, dance, opera, it is a highly interdisciplinary work by a team of 11 clever heads; the Spacehands.


Composition & Act Kaspar Kuoppamäki                            Act and Dance Akasha Daley     
Act & Voice Sandro Hähnel                                                 Act and Viola Oskar Herfurth     
Act & Accordion Mihajlo Milošev                                       Act and Saxophon Jakob Jentgens   
Stage, Audio-reaction Leonard Leyens                              Visuals Sofia Strunden    
Costumes Paulina Holtkamp                                               Live Audio-reaction Alla Sufyanova 
Piece, Production, Direction, Stage DA Phne   
Premiere 5.10.2021 Duration: 35 Minutes


"Do not be afraid", says an old story. and we are still afraid. 

Born in ashes, Stolperbein is burned. Raised in a religious environment where lust cannot exist, Stolperbein founds a new religion.
Will it work? 
And why not? 
DA's solo illuminates different aspects of the "inner fire". It moves between warmth and explosive danger and touches on themes such as sexuality and sexual assault and the role of fire for humankind and its extinction.
A Poetragicomic Physical-Theatre-Solo 

Story, play and costume DA Phne 

Outside Eyes Thomas Stich, Thomas Buts, Saskia Rudat, Elisabeth Hofman, Peter Ekemba, Muyi Kuo

Premiere 18.02.2021 Duration: 50 Minutes

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-22 um
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-22 um
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-22 um

DA in Concert

52 Songs 3 Raps

Growing up in a classical musicians environment DA started to invent songs early. Many died, some survived, and got performed. Their song: "I'm a fucking Vagabond" has become more famous than them, it's sung in Sweden and France, without DA beeing there. For them, this is big success!


Songs,Voice & Accordion DA Phne

Outside Eyes Elisabeth Hofman, Wolfgang Pérez, Juanje Garcia

Premiere 14.12.2019 Duration: 90 Minutes

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