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Daphne Oberholzer is a theatremaker, songsmith and clown. Growing up in small conservative Swiss Village, the question of fitting (and specially not fitting) within traditional social values, became a central point of interest from an early age. 

With a passion for performing tragicomic physical theatre-pieces, Daphnes works are a mixture of entertainment and unbearably awkward moments. An interest in talking about heavy topics such as climate change, dogmas and death; as well as theatrical approach where characters are created to address those topics from changing perspectives, makes the shows nothing like a walk in the park. Portably more like a run on earthquake.

"Through the course of my life I became interested in heavy topics such as mass extinction, social pressure and belief. As a performer I think those themes are easily transmitted in a funny way. Why do we laugh about people or ourselves? At some point I think it’s because we are shocked or we are desperate. 
I think the work of an artist integrals to entertain in an intellectual and/or emotional way. Using arts to change the view point of others is an idea which I find very noble. I also wish to change the world. However I guess that it’s better if it remains a secret for me…"


2020  Migros Kulturprozent Studienpreis
2023 Kanton Solothurn Förderpreis, Atelierstipendium Paris

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